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National membership automatically enrolls you as a chapter member. To take part in the Midwestern chapter networking and programming events, please contact our national office to sign up today.


As we continue to experience the devastating economical downfall to our industry, IAEE continues to support those that may have been laid off recently. We’re offering a transitional membership that will help you keep your member benefits and stay abreast of all the new developments within the industry.

This transitional membership is available to individuals who were employed by member companies as of March 2020. It will extend benefits through June 2021.

IAEE is waiving the criteria for this membership, so please fill out the form or contact [email protected] to keep receiving up to date information.

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How to Join

To speak with an IAEE Member Benefits Specialist, call +1 (972) 458-8002, extension 116, 109 or 110, or send an e-mail to: [email protected].

IAEE is composed of approximately 1,300 members (organizations) and over 12,000 member representatives (individuals). Over 50 percent of IAEE's members are directly involved in the planning, management, and production of exhibitions and buyer-seller events. The remainder of our membership consists of those who provide products and services to the industry. IAEE values and promotes diversity of membership, in terms of company size, products, and geographical area. Each active member organization is given one vote, regardless of size.

See below for a summary of membership types to see how you may qualify.

Go to the IAEE Headquarters website to find out detailed information about the specific IAEE Membership Types

Benefits of Membership

Benefits of IAEE Membership include professional development, industry news and publications, industry and professional resources, service partner discounts, advocacy before government and media, leadership development and local chapter membership. Here are just a few of the membership benefits:

  • CEM Learning Program/Certification
  • Events & Education
  • IAEE's The Source publication
  • Membership Directories
  • Art of the Show Textbook
  • Strategic Briefings
  • Full Access to all CEIR Resources
  • Member discounts at
  • Service Partner Discounts
  • Affinity Programs
  • Career Center
  • IAEE Member Discussion Groups
  • National/International/Local Leadership Opportunities
  • Committees/Task Forces

Click here for full details on Member Benefits. 

Membership Types

When an organization pays dues to IAEE, it becomes the "member." Dues are based on factors other than number of individuals. Therefore, all exhibition and event industry staff can enjoy the benefits of membership without additional financial consequences.

All IAEE dues categories enjoy the resources of local chapter membership and membership in the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR).

Industry Member: 
Organization, other than Event Facility Member, engaged in the exhibition and event industry (hereinafter referred to as "industry"), and is located or does business primarily in North America. Dues are based on Annual Exhibition and Event Revenues derived from the industry. This classification receives one vote per member organization.

Event Facility Member: 
Organization, such as a convention, conference, exposition center or hotel, which provides space for conducting exhibitions and buyer-seller events in North America. Dues are based on gross square footage of exhibition, conference, and meeting space. This classification receives one vote per member organization.

Member Outside North America: 
Organization that meets the qualifications for Industry Member or Event Facility Member, except its established place of business is outside North America. Dues are based on a flat fee. This classification receives one vote per member organization.

Educational Institution Membership
An educational institution membership includes both faculty and students of the institution. All designated individuals employed as faculty in post-secondary academic programs, whose main employment, remuneration, direction and efforts must be in a recognized academic institution, and they must be considered an employee with their institution. Also included in this membership are all students engaged full-time in a program at the college or university recorded as an IAEE Educational Institution Member. This classification is non-voting. 

Other Memberships (Educator, Retired or Student Member):  Individuals that meet the qualifications for educator, retired, or student member per the current IAEE bylaws. Dues are based on a flat fee. This classification is non-voting.

To speak with an IAEE Member Benefits Specialist, call +1 (972) 458-8002, extension 116, 109, or 110, or send an e-mail to: [email protected].

If New or Re-instating Your IAEE Membership, complete and return the following:

Return By Fax: +1 (972) 458-8119 or
Return By Mail: IAEE, 12700 Park Central Drive, Suite 308, Dallas, TX  75251
Return By Email: [email protected]